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How to watch WWDC 2020. Apple’s global online event begins on Monday, June 22, 2020.


In March 2020, Apple announced an all-new online format for its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. This year marks the 33rd annual WWDCr and the fourth location change. WWDC launched in Santa Clara, CA in 1987, moved to San Jose, CA in 1988, then to San Francisco, CA in 2003, then back to San Jose, CA in 2017, and now for the first time ever to the internet on June 22, 2020.

Ready. Set. Code.

How much does it cost?

$0. The first-ever virtual WWDC 2020 will be free for all developers. Previously, in-person tickets were $1,600.

How do I participate in WWDC 2020?

You’ll need to download the Apple Developer App in the Apple App Store. It’s currently available on Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone.

Can I participate outside without the Apple Developer App?

Yes, you can participate online at and using a related hashtag on Twitter: #AppleEvent, #WWDC, #WWDC20, #WWDC2020.


Traditionally, Apple awards 350 Student Scholarship winners with a free $1,600 ticket, travel, lodging, swag, and a developer membership. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, an in-person conference will not be taking place this year along with the Apple WWDC Scholarships program. However, students can participate in The Swift Student Challenge. Program a creative playground using the macOS or iPad Playgrounds app and you could win a WWDC jacket and pins.

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What to Expect

Expect updates to Apple’s operating systems: iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Stay tuned. The only people who really know are the ones putting this event together. I’ll be live-tweeting the event. Tune in on Monday, June 22 to find out what Apple has planned for the future of their software and platforms.

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Log 002

Join me live on Thursday, April 16 at 12 PM pacific at as I scribble with Apple Pencil and iPad Pro.


COVID-19 Log 001

People who feel good right now could be spreading the coronavirus without knowing it. Too few people are aware they could be putting others in danger. It’s been 25 days since the Bay Area issued a stay at home order. The first in the nation to do so. With the internet, social distancing doesn’t mean emotional distance. I’ve spoken more to friends and family more than ever. It’s weird to see so many people in the same boat and loose their income. Universal basic income and healthcare for all Americans has never been more important and relevant. For many of us, we are in this together. The last couple weeks have been productive. Learning new skills. Staying at home has been a privilege. Many essential workers are risking their life each day to keep necessary systems operational. Many thanks goes out to those on the front lines all around the world. The federal government has refused to issue a national stay at home order. It should be a national mandate. /end transmission

Accountability Yearly

Year in Review 2019

☑️ Survived.

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Feedback for AirPods Pro Giveaway

› The amazing Apple AirPods Pro Unboxing, first impressions, and giveaway
› Unofficially featuring MKBHD and Jon4Lakers / Jonathan Rettinger
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In this video, I unbox the latest and greatest AirPods Pro.

They ship with active noise cancelation and microphones on the back of each pod to enable a transparency mode.

Transparency mode lets you hear everything in the real world using the mics on on each AirPod Pro they’re are plugged in your ears.

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We’ve gone from blackboards to whiteboards. Whiteboards to Smartboards. And now smartboards to My First Board. Bringing what we know best from the physical era of jotting down ideas to a digital era.

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The Countdown to Divi 4.0 and MacBook Pro Giveaway

We’re moments away from the official release of Divi 4.0. In addition to the launch, they’re giving away a MacBook Pro.

As a lifetime member of Elegant Themes, I’m most excited about the new Theme Builder. All Front-End Web Designers using Divi to create beautiful websites will go from WordPress Web Designers to WordPress Theme Developers overnight.

Read more about the Divi 4.0 Release on the Elegant Themes Website.
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3 Goals for October 2019

What are your goals for October 2019?

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My Goals for October 2019

  1. ? Raise $200+ (via Patreon, Anchor, and Facebook Donations)
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  3. ? 31-Day Journal Streak

Special Thanks

I appreciate everyone who contributed to my birthday campaign. Sending tight virtual hugs.

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