Goals for August 2019

Goals I have for August 2019: πŸ“ˆ Scale Accountability Plus to 100 members πŸ“§ Pivot from email subscribers to active/paying members πŸ’Ό 1 hour of career and business development daily πŸ“ Log journal entries daily 🎬 Create a documentary short film: Impossible August What are your goals for August 2019? Consider this your personal invite […]

Goals for June 2019

Here are 6 goals I have for June 2019. 🎬 Create: Upload unboxing & review of the Powerbeats Pro 🎧 Giveaway: Powerbeats Pro πŸ¦„ June Metaverse: Give an early-stage creator $25 – $100 with no strings attached to perfect their personal brand πŸ’Έ Micro: Invest in a creative professional πŸ–€ Network: Personally connect with 10 new creatives at Dub Dub, […]