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👋🏾 I’m Justin.

San Francisco Bay Area Activity Coach

📍 Oakland, California

I can help you live an active lifestyle.

As the #1 Activity Coach for people who don’t like the gym, I’ll work with you to move, exercise, and stand daily starting at $10/month on Patreon.

24/7 Activity Sharing

Improve 1% Each Day

Proactively track your health by sharing your activity with me via Apple Watch. I’ll encourage you to stay active with personalized activity messages. We’ll keep an eye on your weekly activity summary combined with activity challenges, workouts, and wakeouts. If you’re up for a challenge, feel free to invite me to a 7-day activity competition. 

Daily reminders to exercise

Personalized activity messages

Learn how to track your health

Join the 1,000 move goal club

Why Activity Sharing?

Discover the incredible benefits of an active lifestyle.

No gym or traditional workout plans required.

Move everywhere, practice fun exercises, and stand often.

Close your rings or get schooled.

Stay accountable to your weekly goals.

Be happier and healthier tracking your health.

Improve your life 1% each day.

Join a community of people working towards the same goal.

Do I need an Apple Watch and iPhone?

Yes, an Apple Watch & iPhone is required for Activity Sharing, Competitions, and Activity Coaching. Don’t have one? Schedule a visualization session and we’ll send one to you.

What does it mean to close your rings?

3 Rings:

1) Red Move Ring (estimated active calories burned)

2) Green Exercise Ring (30 minutes each day)

3) Stand (1+ min. of movement per hour for a minimum of 12 hours each day)

Each rings track your daily progress.

1 Goal: Close (Complete) them each day.

How does activity coaching work?

Activity Coaching provides you with an accountability partner. Improve your health metrics with each other’s support: stand reminders, daily coaching, goal completions, activity competitions, personalized messages, and more for just one flat monthly fee.

Fun Facts About Me

  • Social entrepreneur since the age of eight
  • Enjoys making positive changes in the world
  • Passionate about education tech
  • Sketches every single day
  • Inspired by people
  • Taught by community
  • Loves learning about technology
  • Creates internet videos
  • Invests in early-stage creators
  • Watches every Marvel movie
  • Huge Warriors & Duke Basketball fan
  • Mentally-tough wrestler 
  • Biggest Apple Enthusiast you’ll ever meet
  • Outstanding professional cuddler
  • Fueled by hours of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, MKBHD, Lukas Graham, & Logic

Wall of Love 🖤

November 2018

Have a look at how I’ve helped people be more active, accomplish their goals, close their rings, and launch their dreams.

Top Activity & Productivity Resources

Health, Self, and Wealth Guide

The Health, Self, and Wealth Guide will help you define what a happier and healthier life means to you.

Tracking Your Health Webinar

Discover the best 3 apps for tracking your health and how to configure your own health dashboard.

50/50 Activity Walk Raffle

Sundays. 9am pacific time. Instagram Live. Enter a 50/50 raffle to support me as I earn my 1,000th move goal.

Share your activity.

Hit your move goals.

Close your activity rings. 


I’ve dedicated my life to 1,000+ move goals.

Unlike a personal trainer, Apple Watch can track your every step.

As your Activity Coach, I will remind you to close your rings daily.

Even those days when life is hard.

Moving, walking, exercising, and activity is contagious.

I do it every day and you can too.

500x Move Goal Medalist Here.

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