COVID-19 Log 001

People who feel good right now could be spreading the coronavirus without knowing it. Too few people are aware they could be putting others in danger. It’s been 25 days since the Bay Area issued a stay at home order. The first in the nation to do so. With the internet, social distancing doesn’t mean emotional distance. I’ve spoken more to friends and family more than ever. It’s weird to see so many people in the same boat and loose their income. Universal basic income and healthcare for all Americans has never been more important and relevant. For many of us, we are in this together. The last couple weeks have been productive. Learning new skills. Staying at home has been a privilege. Many essential workers are risking their life each day to keep necessary systems operational. Many thanks goes out to those on the front lines all around the world. The federal government has refused to issue a national stay at home order. It should be a national mandate. /end transmission