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Feedback for AirPods Pro Giveaway

› The amazing Apple AirPods Pro Unboxing, first impressions, and giveaway
› Unofficially featuring MKBHD and Jon4Lakers / Jonathan Rettinger
› Enter Giveaway: Watch the entire video for detailed instructions

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In this video, I unbox the latest and greatest AirPods Pro.

They ship with active noise cancelation and microphones on the back of each pod to enable a transparency mode.

Transparency mode lets you hear everything in the real world using the mics on on each AirPod Pro they’re are plugged in your ears.

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11 replies on “Feedback for AirPods Pro Giveaway”

Visionary Mindset. You never fail to surprise me with what you can come up with! Loved the video and you are a great speaker!

That was neat!
I totally went with it and definitely an intriguing process.
One piece of feedback I could offer is there were moments of discomfort as I didn’t know what I was getting into regarding my personal information and what it could potentially be used for (Phone number). Through and through, I had no problem with it bc I understood the purpose and thought it was fun, just thought there could be an added line about security!
The other would be – if there are future ones, to state the questions part a bit slower. Other than that I enjoyed it! Fun little treasure hunt, very very unique.

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