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Feedback for AirPods Pro Giveaway

β€Ί The amazing Apple AirPods Pro Unboxing, first impressions, and giveaway
β€Ί Unofficially featuring MKBHD and Jon4Lakers / Jonathan Rettinger
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In this video, I unbox the latest and greatest AirPods Pro.

They ship with active noise cancelation and microphones on the back of each pod to enable a transparency mode.

Transparency mode lets you hear everything in the real world using the mics on on each AirPod Pro they’re are plugged in your ears.

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Journal Entries


We’ve gone from blackboards to whiteboards. Whiteboards to Smartboards. And now smartboards to My First Board. Bringing what we know best from the physical era of jotting down ideas to a digital era.

Journal Entries

The Countdown to Divi 4.0 and MacBook Pro Giveaway

We’re moments away from the official release of Divi 4.0. In addition to the launch, they’re giving away a MacBook Pro.

As a lifetime member of Elegant Themes, I’m most excited about the new Theme Builder. All Front-End Web Designers using Divi to create beautiful websites will go from WordPress Web Designers to WordPress Theme Developers overnight.

Read more about the Divi 4.0 Release on the Elegant Themes Website.