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June 2019 Reflection

Wild. One long vacation. From conferences to hangouts. June went by fast. I’m behind on my revenue goals, but enjoyed investing the majority of my time in reconnecting with creators, building new relationships, publishing new content, improving my health/education, and perfecting my workspace.

Major Goals Accomplished in June 2019

  • Burned 1,000 calories daily using Apple Watch
  • Avoided pizza daily (including the free slices at events)
  • Hosted home dinners with friends & partners
  • Revamped my YouTube channel and Patreon campaign
  • Added new web pages to my personal website
  • Launched a rewards program
  • New prescription and spectacles
  • Documented daily progress via kanban calendar


  • Feedback on new web pages
  • Ideas for exclusive content you’d pay for via Patreon
  • Ideas for future YouTube videos you’d watch for free
  • Ideas for rewards you’d like to receive
  • Less late nights. Bed by 10:30pm pacific. Might start a dream journal.
  • Creators in need of a personal website
  • Advice for raising money as an independent creator
  • $4,000 – 7,000 in Monthly Recurring Revenue via Patreon

Hit reply and visualize the future with me.

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stay visionary. smile.

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