Accountability Reflections

June 2019 Reflection

Wild. One long vacation. From conferences to hangouts. June went by fast. I’m behind on my revenue goals, but enjoyed investing the majority of my time in reconnecting with creators, building new relationships, publishing new content, improving my health/education, and perfecting my workspace.

Major Goals Accomplished in June 2019

  • Burned 1,000 calories daily using Apple Watch
  • Avoided pizza daily (including the free slices at events)
  • Hosted home dinners with friends & partners
  • Revamped my YouTube channel and Patreon campaign
  • Added new web pages to my personal website
  • Launched a rewards program
  • New prescription and spectacles
  • Documented daily progress via kanban calendar


  • Feedback on new web pages
  • Ideas for exclusive content you’d pay for via Patreon
  • Ideas for future YouTube videos you’d watch for free
  • Ideas for rewards you’d like to receive
  • Less late nights. Bed by 10:30pm pacific. Might start a dream journal.
  • Creators in need of a personal website
  • Advice for raising money as an independent creator
  • $4,000 – 7,000 in Monthly Recurring Revenue via Patreon

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stay visionary. smile.
Accountability Reflections

April 2019 Reflection

In the night. The starry night, I’m typing away. Getting excited about May. I’ve waited far too long through this night with these hopeful thoughts. Sending now.

Funding secured.

Am considering taking visionary private at $100.

All jokes aside, I’m already private. Advantages of owning a freelance creative business. During the night, I enjoy freelancing and hustling. Producing videos. Creating websites. Using creative thinking to solve hard problems.

❇️ Available for hire – just reply and let me know how I can help

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Accountability Reflections Yearly

2018 Life in Review

“How’s life?”, I always ask. There’s always something up. Bad or good. I’m thankful for another 365 days of struggles, experiences, achievements, and memories. In this review, let’s reflect on 2018. 

January 2018

Started the year without a traditional 9-5 job. Avoided networking events where people love to ask “What do you do?”. Every day was a new day. Worked towards 1,000 daily move goals and all things visionary in our Downtown Oakland Office. Played lots of HQ Trivia instead of finding product market fit.

February 2018

Redesigned my personal website. Applied to the Adobe Creative Residency. 

March 2018

Attended the first Bond conference which examined how creators make a living on the internet. Struggled with building a startup, working as an independent creator, and finding a *real* job. Applied to 25+ gigs.

April 2018

Moved out of our Downtown Oakland Office. Continued job search into April as I struggled to pay bills, expenses, and debt. Received an offer to be a Director at iD Tech over the summer and an offer to be an Office Manager at App Academy. Turned down the Director position in favor for the Office Manager one. 

May 2018

My desk at App Academy on Day One. By far the best onboarding experience I’ve ever received. 

June 2018

June is every Apple developer’s favorite month as new software is announced at the World Wide Developer Conference. This year I attended AltConf and met a ton of passionate people. Saw Kesha and Macklemore live! Couldn’t afford to attend VidCon this year which is the same weekend as San Francisco Pride. 

July 2018

Saw NF & Logic live! Attended my first A’s and Giant’s game.

August 2018

Left App Academy to focus on my health and figure out life once again. Participated in the first ever Pioneer tournament. 

September 2018

Went back to the drawing board with visionary. Mistakenly got accepted into Y Combinator Startup School Online. Worked really hard in San Francisco for 10 weeks. Enjoyed the Apple Keynote Season. Met iJustine and got the brand new iPhone XS.

October 2018

Completed Inktober. Sketched every single day. Moved into a new studio. Facilitated Y Combinator Startup School Online Group Office Hours. Visited Facebook’s HQ for the first time. Entered the 2nd pioneer tourney.

November 2018

Furnished new studio. Started a new job at Enjoy with a temporary license. Visited Dallas, TX for training for the first time. Got “let go” shortly after returning to work in Bay Area because I didn’t have a full license yet. Now struggling again between a full-time gig to make ends meet or the independent video creator / freelance lifestyle. 

December 2018

Entered the 3rd pioneer tourney. Redesigned my website again. Work with clients in the December 2018 metaverse at visionary. Still figuring life out and happily surviving adulthood in the Bay Area. Happy New Years! 

A year of impossible obstacles.