June 2019 Reflection

Wild. One long vacation. From conferences to hangouts. June went by fast. I’m behind on my revenue goals, but enjoyed investing the majority of my time in reconnecting with creators, building new relationships, publishing new content, improving my health/education, and perfecting my workspace. Major Goals Accomplished in June 2019 Burned 1,000 calories daily using Apple […]

April 2019 Reflection

In the night. The starry night, I’m typing away. Getting excited about May. I’ve waited far too long through this night with these hopeful thoughts. Sending now. Funding secured. Am considering taking visionary private at $100. All jokes aside, I’m already private. Advantages of owning a freelance creative business. During the night, I enjoy freelancing […]

2018 Life in Review

“How’s life?”, I always ask. There’s always something up. Bad or good. I’m thankful for another 365 days of struggles, experiences, achievements, and memories. In this review, let’s reflect on 2018.Β  January 2018 Started the year without a traditional 9-5 job. Avoided networking events where people love to ask “What do you do?”. Every day […]