Accountability Goals

Goals for July 2019

Micro – Issue #117

I spend most of my time exercising, documenting my life on instagram stories (@envisionwithjustin), and making YouTube videos. Check out my latest upload: Powerbeats Pro Unboxing & Giveaway

The giveaway ends on July 1st at 12pm pacific time.
On the last day of the month, I send out my goals for the next month. Followed by a reflection of the previous month on the first of every month.
Here are the goals I have for July 2019:
  1. Patreon: Upload 4 behind the scenes posts and 8 YouTube videos. Increase membership from 3 to 50 patrons. 
  2. ⌚️ Giveaway: Pride Watch Band
  3. ? Basketball: Play each day this month. Make 10 shots in a row. 
  4. ? Merch: Launch online store with 2 exclusive selections of visionary gear and 10 scribbles 
  5. ? July Metaverse: Give an early-stage creator $25 – $100 with no strings attached to perfect their personal brand
  6. Micro: Invest in a creative professional
What are your goals for July 2019? → Hit reply and let me know.
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