👋🏾 Hey you, Justin here.

I’m an independent video creator, web designer, and activity coach. 

Let’s visualize the future together: jharris@envisionwith.me

Excited about

  • The future of work and learning
  • Personal branding
  • Investing in creators just getting started
  • Education & health tech

2019 Goals

  • 1,000+ longest move streak
  • 1000 move goals
  • 100 short form videos 
  • Get paid a living wage to publish sketches, activity share, and independently produce short form videos on the internet
  • Survive adulthood in the Bay Area 
  • Get out of debt
  • Apply to Adobe Creative Residency 2019  ☑️

Self-Directed Education

  • Y Combinator Startup School ’18 Graduate
  • UnCollege ’15 Fellow (Now Year On) 

Top Resources

  • TEDxTalk: Designing Your Own Path to Success 

Wall of Love

Fun facts

  • Social entrepreneur since the age of eight
  • Enjoys making positive changes in the world
  • Passionate about education tech
  • Sketches every single day
  • Inspired by people
  • Taught by community
  • Loves learning about technology
  • Creates internet videos
  • Invests in early-stage creators
  • Watches every Marvel movie
  • Huge Warriors & Duke Basketball fan
  • Mentally-tough wrestler 
  • Biggest Apple Enthusiast you’ll ever meet
  • Outstanding professional cuddler


  • Casey Neistat
  • Matt D’Avella
  • Roberto Blake
  • Sara Dietschy